How Often Should You Shave

Beards have long been associated with masculinity and class in many cultures. Races like the Greeks, Persians, Mesopotamians and the Egyptians considered beard an important part of their way of life. Contemporary times adopt a more liberal position regarding beards. You can keep a beard, trim it or have a clean, shaven look. For those who choose the latter, the question arises as to how often should you shave? Well, the answer to this lies right in the middle of some key factors. These include, but are not limited to personal preferences and cultural influence, professional work requirements and skin type.

Skin type is an important consideration, as some users complain of irritation and burns, especially if they choose to shave on a regular basis. Also, remember that regular shaving comes with its pros and cons. Regular shaving ensures the removal of the layer of dead skin cells. Hence the fresh, smooth look that’s noticed after each shave. However, there is the danger that such frequent removal of outer skin layers may leave your skin exposed and vulnerable. The following tips can guide your decision as to how often you should shave:

Shaving Daily

This option should appeal to men who have a personal preference for this, have to do so because of work or have a not-so sensitive facial skin. It may also be appropriate for individuals who quickly grow beards and would like to control the pace of growth.

Shaving Every Other Time

This routine is recommended to men who do not experience rapid facial hair growth or have sensitive skin. Also, you may choose to shave every other day to let the skin recover sufficiently from cuts and bruises.

Shaving Once In a Week or Month

This option may sit well with those of you who do not necessarily have to shave due to reasons such as prolonged rate of beard growth. Also, this routine may appeal to busy people with less time.

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