How to Properly Use a Shaving Cream

Razor burns, razor bumps (no, they aren’t the same thing), skin irritation and scarring – these are some of the undesirable effects of not using proper shaving techniques. Most guys are not new to these kinds of discomforts; in fact, a lot have come to accept it as an integral part of mature masculinity. It doesn’t have to be this way.

What these guys mostly do not realize is that it is indeed possible to reduce or even totally eliminate these uncomfortable incidences by simply adopting the right shaving techniques – primary of which would be knowing how to properly use a shaving cream.

So gentlemen, how do you shave? It matters how well you answer this question because it exposes the “why” behind your cool, undisturbed evening out with friends or having to scratch an inflamed, itchy chin every five minutes – in public. Embarrassing? Let’s help you salvage the situation. The proper way to use a shaving cream. Let’s go!!!

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Cream, Soap or Foam? Know what you are using.

Foams are generally cheaper, creams provide the richest lather and generally cause no dryness, and soaps do not have any scents or chemicals added to it – making it the most suitable for sensitive skin. What’s the best for you? Well, it depends on your kind of skin.

Soak Your Shaving Brush:- You want your bristles to be nice and soft. Soak the brush in warm water in the sink or hold it under hot running water for some time. When your bristles are soft, they are much more pliable and pleasant on your skin.

Soak Shaving Brush

Facial Wet The Hair:- Saturate your face with warm water. Ensure it is thoroughly wet. Failure to do this may lead to razor burns or skin irritation. Facial hair will absorb moisture up to 30% of its volume and when swollen with water, makes the beards/mustache weak and easier to cut. Never shave cold or apply shaving products to a dry face – this is one of the leading causes of razor burn and shaving rash.

Wet face With Warm Water

Apply Shaving Cream onto Brush:- Using the brush, apply the cream in a circular motion ending in an upward stroke to lift the cream up and away from the face. The quantity should depend on the thickness of your hair. Usually, around three-quarters of an inch of cream would be just alright for most cases.

Apply Shaving Cream

Build Up Lather:- 5 easy ways exists to do this. You could use a shaving bowl/mug, work it directly on your face with a shaving brush, in your palm with a shaving brush, directly on your face with your hands; and in your palm, rubbing your hands together. Whip your brush into the shaving mug – if that’s what you choose to use – to get as rich a lather as you can muster.

Build Up Lather

Apply to Your Face:- You now have a rich lather. Apply it evenly and generously to your face. You may use the brush or some of the other application techniques discussed earlier, but do it thoroughly. This way, you can guarantee yourself a smooth, silky and sweet shave, with fewer chances of razor burn or skin irritation.

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