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How Often Should You Shave

Beards have long been associated with masculinity and class in many cultures. Races like the Greeks, Persians, Mesopotamians and the Egyptians considered beard an important part of their way of life. Contemporary times adopt a more liberal position regarding beards. You can keep a beard, trim it or have a clean, shaven look. For those who choose the latter, the question arises as to how often should you shave? Well, the answer to this lies right in the middle of some key factors. These include, but are not limited to personal preferences and cultural influence, professional work requirements and skin type. Skin type is an important consideration, as some users complain of irritation and burns, especially if they choose to...

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Three of the Best Shaving Creams for Men

The first recorded use of the shaving cream was sometime in 3,000 BC. Ever since then, the good shaving cream has become a staple for many a gentleman. The benefits of using a shaving cream are many. For starters, shaving creams are thick and consistent, providing the conditioning and balance needed by facial skin before, and during the shaving process. These creams also soften the hair, stubbles, and whiskers, hence you can achieve a close and near-flawless shave. Lastly, shaving creams allow you to cut without applying too much pressure, thereby reducing cases of cuts and other bruises. So what makes for a good shaving cream and what to use as shaving cream? Some schools of thought give some opinions...

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