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Reasons to Use an Aftershave Balm

When you shave, do you finish up with aftershave balm or nothing? The state of health of your skin and face would depend largely on whether or not you use aftershave and the type you use. You may lose freshness and smoothness on your face as a result of not using an aftershave or using a form that’s not suited for your skin type. When you shave, you scrap your face with a razor, removing up to two layers of outer skin. This can be potentially damaging and irritating to your skin – removing the outer protective layers. Think of the possible consequences of this exposure – the germs, the irritations and all. Something else has to come in immediately...

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Best Aftershave Balm Brands for Men

The fear of post-shave irritation can be very demoralizing for us. That is why despite our largely indifferent view on skin care products over their "girlishness", dudes that know what’s best for them have made aftershave balms an indispensable addition to the grooming kit. Even with flawless technique and cutting edge tools, guys know that you still need an aftershave to guarantee that smooth finish to your grooming efforts, make you smell good and of course help sooth all the burns, itching and every other post-shave problems. Now there are many after shave products out there, designed to meet your budget, lifestyle and your skin type and with those considerations, we scoured the grooming aisle for the best aftershaves that...

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