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Things to Consider Before Razor Shaving

Razor shaving is an art in itself. Firstly, you need to know a few basics to “successfully” shave with a razor (being unsuccessful of course means having to live with the discomforts of shaving with a razor) and secondly, your ability to properly apply the razor to your face elevates your appearance to something for GQ magazines. It is an art indeed. And like most arts, mastery of the fundamentals is essential to success in the long and the short-run. What are the things you need to know and take into consideration before putting that razor on your chin? Let’s look at a few. Shaving Requires Tools Apart from your razor, there are tools and utensils that complement the shaving...

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Best Aftershave Balm Brands for Men

The fear of post-shave irritation can be very demoralizing for us. That is why despite our largely indifferent view on skin care products over their "girlishness", dudes that know what’s best for them have made aftershave balms an indispensable addition to the grooming kit. Even with flawless technique and cutting edge tools, guys know that you still need an aftershave to guarantee that smooth finish to your grooming efforts, make you smell good and of course help sooth all the burns, itching and every other post-shave problems. Now there are many after shave products out there, designed to meet your budget, lifestyle and your skin type and with those considerations, we scoured the grooming aisle for the best aftershaves that...

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