Three of the Best Shaving Creams for Men

The first recorded use of the shaving cream was sometime in 3,000 BC. Ever since then, the good shaving cream has become a staple for many a gentleman. The benefits of using a shaving cream are many.

For starters, shaving creams are thick and consistent, providing the conditioning and balance needed by facial skin before, and during the shaving process. These creams also soften the hair, stubbles, and whiskers, hence you can achieve a close and near-flawless shave. Lastly, shaving creams allow you to cut without applying too much pressure, thereby reducing cases of cuts and other bruises.

So what makes for a good shaving cream and what to use as shaving cream? Some schools of thought give some opinions as to the makeup of an ideal shaving lotion. However, there are acceptable standards and criteria for assessment. These include:


While this is subjective, it plays an important part in personal preferences since the cream is applied near the nasal openings. The qualities of the smell, as well as other sensory perceptions, are among the score points for a good shaving cream.


Under this criterion, you should look out for how well the cream lathers, the thickness and consistency of the foam as well as foam quality. In this regard, the cream should also be judged on how well it allows you achieve a close/smooth shave, without the incidences of cuts/bruises as well as skin irritation.

Derived Value:-

The shaving cream should score high marks for price, the size of the finished product as well as the longevity of use based on the standard/average usage levels. Picking the best shaving cream is also predicated on knowing your skin type. So whether you have dry, oily or sensitive facial skin, you should go for a shaving cream with the right composition and ingredients that will guarantee a smooth shave, no irritations and cuts. In the light of those above, the following shaving creams receive high marks for performance and quality:

Gillette Foamy Shave:-

This brand of shaving cream helps you achieve a smooth, close and comfortable shave. It spreads readily across the face and has a rich lather.

ArtNaturals Men’s Shaving Cream:-

This shaving cream is non-lathering but gives a smooth and comfortable shave. It also gently lifts and softens facial hair. If you are still in doubt as to which shaving cream is best will work best for your skin type, then you could look no further than the Ringstead Venture’s Exxzyr Shaving crème.

what is the best shaving cream

This cream is formulated to give a velvety layer upon application. It is easy to use and wipe off. This protective layer ensures that your facial hair is softened and lifted so that you can achieve a smooth, wet shave.

The subtle, yet rich fragrance of the cream ensures that you come out of your shave session refreshed and relaxed. Rest assured that the Exxzyr Shaving Crème is made from the best natural ingredients that deliver on the core promises of performance and quality. Buy this amazing and side effects free shaving cream by clicking the image below:-

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