Why Your Shaving Cream Might Not Be Working For You

It is widely accepted that the foundation for a good shave lies partly with the kind of shaving cream you use. Shaving creams are applied to the skin to facilitate the removal of hair; in this instance, facial hair. There are many benefits of Shaving creams soften and moisten the skin and hair. Thus you can have a comfortable shave and smoother skin.

The goal of using any shaving cream or preparation is wetting and softening the hair before and while shaving, mitigating the effect of the razor, and providing an extra cover to soothe the skin. So the big question is, ‘why isn't your shaving cream working for you?’ Why isn’t it delivering any of the benefits we have outlined above?

The first port of call for providing an answer is to understand your skin type. This knowledge is important in selecting the right shaving cream in the first instance. The major skin types (facial) are as follows:-

Oily Skin:-

This skin type is rich in the production of an oily substance called sebum. This oily substance gives the skin a shiny appearance as well as predisposing the opening of the pores on the skin. The appropriate shaving cream for men in this category should be those that do not contain any alcohol based ingredients.

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Dry Skin:-

This skin type is the direct opposite of the oily category; the facial skin produces very little sebum. The skin has difficulty in retaining moisture, and the pores get tightened. For this class, we recommend using shaving creams for dry skin that are formulated to hydrate the skin and improve its moisture retention capacity.

Sensitive Skin

In this category, facial skin reacts to a variety of external factors such as insufficient rest, stress, lack of exercise, poor diet among others. We recommend going for shaving creams that have smoothening and calming agents. Also, you can consider applying an aftershave balm to the shaved surface. We also advise that you use the shaving cream in a gentle manner.

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Balanced Skin:-

If you are of the opinion that your skin is well-balanced and receptive, then shaving creams that can work well on any of the above skin types should be working well for you.

Another important consideration is the pH level of the shaving cream. This level should be appropriate for the target surface: the cream should neither be excessively alkaline nor acidic, and it should correspond to the skin's pH level.

The Exxzyr Shaving Crème and The Exxzyr Moisturizing Shaving Balm are products that are manufactured to work with a variety of skin types. For the former, it has been formulated to soothe the skin, reduce redness, razor burn and to heal any cuts/bruises. The Exxzyr Shaving Balm is the right companion to help you relax tensed skin and give a protective layer over the shaved area.

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